Saxophone photo by Lars Jönsson

David Linnros.
Born 1980. Lives in Stockholm. Electronic musician, improviser, saxophonist, librarian, instrument builder, makerspace workshop leader.

Theory interests:
Henri Bergson, categorization, philosophy of improvisation and music, process philosophy.

”Om improvisation” – Nutida Musik #2 2005
”Liv mellan tanken och tänkandet – Om Henri Bergsons intuitionsbegrepp” – Kritiker #14 2010
Some thoughts in the direction of a bergsonian understanding of improvisation” – (Re)thinking Improvisation Conference Publication (coming)

Master of Arts in Philosophy, Södertörn University College 2011.
Musicology, 30 ECTS Stockholm University 2004
Improvised Music, 60 ECTS Uppsala University 2002
Art, culture and media production, 60 ECTS Linköping University 2011
Master of Arts in Library and Information Science, Uppsala University 2015

2010: The Arts Grant’s Committee’s Grant for collaborations between composers and musicians/singers . With Per Magnusson, Ulf Strömquist and Sami Al Fakir)
2011: Swedish Arts Council’s grant for Independent Music Groups. With Konatus and Lisa Ullén / David Linnros Duo.
2011: The Arts Grants Committee’s Working Grant.
2012: Swedish Arts Council’s grant for Independent Music Groups. With Lisa Ullén / David Linnros Duo.




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